We seek great value and provide choices for discriminating clients.
Elite Buyer Service (EBS) is devoted exclusively to those seeking to buy high-end real
estate. We serve discerning clients in the quest for a perfect property located in
Massachusetts and also in Connecticut or Rhode Island.

We exercise discretion and we protect your privacy without exception; we appreciate the
importance of this to so many of our clients.

Unlike traditional agents, we represent clients in buying property, only. We do not list nor sell
properties and therefore do not have conflicts of interest. Being free of both the tendency to
sell our office's listings and the pitfalls that entails, we devote our energies, experience, and
knowledge solely to you.

We provide unparalled value to our clients and this begins with our consultative approach.
EBS is independent and covers a large geographic area about which we are extremely
knowledgeable. After understanding your vision, lifestyle, preferences, etc., we then begin
the search. In addition to the many facets that we will discuss, we will assist you to become
well-informed on the market if you are not already.

Once we find that singular property you desire and once you feel it appropriate, we continue
our loyal efforts to negotiate on your behalf. Our aim is a purchase at the best possible price
and with the most favorable terms. We will help at every step along the way including home
inspectors, finance options, real estate lawyers, etc. We will be by your side to the end.

If you describe your interest as exclusive or luxury, we do too!

Please see our contact page for how to take the next step.

Tel: 978-895-8218
First we find the proper forest,then the perfect tree.