EBS is based in Worcester, the second largest city in Massachusetts. Worcester is ideally
located in central Mass at the crossroads of north/south and east/west highways.
Approximately 90% of the state's population is within an hour's drive from our office; therefore,
we can conveniently service the entire state and search out the perfect property for you. We
are an atypical real estate firm in that we serve a very broad market.

Massachusetts is a remarkably diverse state comprised of 351 cities and towns. We are
lucky that it ranges from an extensive seacoast, to large tracks of woodlands, to the rolling
mountains of the Berkshires, to Boston - an urban center with great diversity. And all this is
within a surprisingly compact area. Boston is less than an hour's drive from Worcester, the
major city in central Mass, and Worcester is an hour's drive from Springfield, the major city in
western Mass. Roughly 2 hours enables you to traverse the state from the Atlantic to the New
York border. From north to south, the distances are even shorter. Generally an hour from the
border of either Vermont or New Hampshire gets you to our southern neighbors of
Connecticut and Rhode Island.

With a population of roughly 9 million, Massachusetts has many urban areas to the east,
suburban areas west of Boston and around our cities, and surprisingly rural areas in varied
locations. Boston, while geographically small, dominates the population distribution especially
if the metro areas are considered.

Upon request we also work in Rhode Island and Connecticut. RI's southern coast is an ideal
seaside area known best for Newport. Providence is a vital city and the state capitol.
Connecticut is also diverse with a coast that extends the length of Long Island Sound and
contains numerous luxury properties. Hartford is the hub of commerce and the center of

Whether it is Massachusetts or our southern neighbors, urban or rural, we can find you the
exclusive property of your dreams.

EBS is ready to go to work for you now!
Tel: 978-895-8218