Our primary and nearly exclusive manner of compensation is the commission earned in a
completed real estate transaction. This comes entirely from the seller's proceeds and is
negotiated with a real estate agent before a property is placed on the market. This is
non-negotiable and conducted at Closing.

Our entire service is available to you, the buyer, at no direct cost!

This is the case in each market we serve: Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.
If you purchase then we get paid and if you do not, then we live with that.

With regard to costs, there may be rare instances where, for example, the perfect Berkshire
hide-a-way with a view of the Connecticut River is not on the market. However, we do not give up!
We will then search for a property, not on the market, and determine if it is available for sale at the
right price. Here, too, our compensation will probably be a transaction commission as we would
solicit the property on your behalf, though it can sometimes be a creative endeavor.

Another rare exception is if you were to ask us to preview numerous properties on Nantucket. This
can require more than our normal out-of-pocket expenses, such as staying on the island for a few
days. Therefore, we may ask for reimbursement of normal living expenses. Nonetheless, in every
case we will bring a cost to your attention before we incur it.

To restate, with precious few exceptions, our compensation comes from the seller's proceeds at

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