Competent. Focused. Confidential.
Our Objectives are to help you find and purchase the best property for you and to
make the process enjoyable and seamless!

We start by getting to know you and beginning to form our partnership, one that lasts
through to closing. At a time and place convenient for you, we look forward to our initial
meeting when you can decide if EBS is the right match. We hope to learn about your
needs and to share how we will be your best asset.

Our success is with strong buyers who are able to discuss their price range and their
vehicle for payment. It is our desire that when we make an initial offer, we demonstrate
to a seller that your financing is in place and thus it is not a contingency.

We request that you have preapproval from a lender before EBS begins searching. If
this poses a challenge, one alternative is to show documentation of your capacity to pay
cash. We do not wish to put you on the spot; we do desire a partnership that, after our
extensive efforts, results in your making a satisfying purchase.

How we work with you:

* We want to fully comprehend your intentions, expectations, hopes, and all that is
important to you.
* We search diligently and thoroughly. We do all that is needed while being fully
respectful of your time.
* Our job is to narrow down the choices and enable you to concentrate on the very
most suitable properties.
* We respect and protect your privacy.
* We work exclusively on your behalf to negotiate the best possible price and terms.
* We will move as quickly as you desire.
* We bring a prudent approach to visiting properties and a proven strategy with sellers
* We lay the groundwork with you for a successful offer
* You will have our negotiation expertise
* We provide resources to connect you with mortgage brokers

We are eager to share, in detail, all of the above with you.

From the very beginning to the very end of the process, your EBS agent will be by your side!

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We're always digging to find you the perfect home!