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Market News - How low is low?
Mortgage rates have backed up yet again. Average rates are about 4.5% for 30 year fixed and 5.2% for jumbos.
Can it get any better?
The discontinued tax credits for home purchases have caused an immediate drop in mortgage applications and
the market has slowed especially at the lower end. So the demand for money is soft. This combined with debt
concerns in Europe, particularly Greece has caused a fresh influx to US Treasuries.
When treasuries are strong and yields are in decline, combined with a softening demand for mortgage money
there is a perfect storm for interest rates. Can they go lower? Sure they can, but if we are not at the bottom we
are close.
Rates are so low that when considered together with favorable tax treatment, I sometimes
recommend people
mortgage property even if they don't have to! A super low rate combined with a slow market makes for a superb
opportunity for those looking to buy. Great deals can be had!
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